DIY Mole Removal Can Be Done Naturally And Inexpensively


There are a plethora of things we can alter about ourselves without the help of a doctor and without financial hardship. For example, moles fit into this category of things we can change by ourselves. Believe it or not, DIY mole removal is possible. There are actually many possible options on how to remove a mole yourself – safely, naturally, and with little or no cost.

Think Before You Act

Before taking any action, ask yourself why you want it gone. Is it a physical nuisance, like it gets in the way of your bra strap or you nick it every time you comb your hair? Or do you worry, especially if it’s on your face, that it negatively affects your appearance? Or do you have one with a funky hair growing out of it? Regardless of your reason, think it through carefully because there can be risks.

First, it is recommended that a doctor look at the mole to see if it appears cancerous. Removing moles yourself without knowing if they are malignant could lead to a greater issue down the road if the cancer metastasizes to a secondary location on your body. If a doctor removes the mole through excision (cutting it out) or cauterization (burning or freezing it off with a special tool), it will be sent to a lab for biopsy.

If your concern is that the mole may be cancerous, it is highly suggested a doctor perform the removal.

Pick your Solution

How to remove a mole yourself begins with applying a natural substance; there are many Banana Peeloptions from which to choose. Try one for several days and see if it works. If it doesn’t, pick a different one the following week. Here are some choices; garlic, strawberries, apple cider vinegar, banana peels, fresh grapefruit, or iodine.


Test this procedure on a small, perhaps hidden mole first to observe the effects. For the cider, grapefruit, or iodine (5% solution), you will put several drops on a cotton ball. Place the moist cotton directly on mole and secure with adhesive tape or a large bandage. Do this in the morning and evening for four days.

StrawberriesWhen choosing the strawberry, banana peel, or garlic, you will want to apply overnight, for obvious reasons (looking silly, smelling funny). The berry and the garlic clove, you will cut in half. The inner portion of the product is what will touch the mole. The same follows for the banana peel. Place the inner part on the mole and wrap with bandage or gauze to hold secure. Do this for four consecutive nights.

If these options don’t work or you prefer something more “medicinal”, you can buy creams over the counter. They might, however, recommend shaving the top of the mole to increase absorption. There is a homeopathic paste, which you can make easily, and shouldn’t hurt. Simply mix a drop of castor oil with a half-teaspoon of baking soda. Smear it on the mole like cream cheese on a bagel and cover as previously directed.

Watch What Happens

Of course, stop the process if the skin around the mole becomes too inflamed or painful. Wait a few days and try a different solution. What should happen is that the mole dries up, maybe even scabs over. It will, soon afterwards, fall off.

Apple Cider Vinegar Mole Removal Results Day 4Apple Cider Vinegar Mole Removal Results After 8 Months

DIY mole removal does not entail cutting anything. The idea is to dry out the mole naturally so it drops off on its own. Because it is “embedded” in your skin, whether you remove moles yourself or have a doctor do it, there may be a crater-like appearance afterwards. In some instances, you may have scarring from any method chosen. Over time, the divot will become less noticeable as the area heals.

Keep It Safe and Successful

Of course you are smart enough to know not to drink the iodine, but for safety’s sake, this is a friendly reminder for someone else who may not know better. It can be deadly if swallowed. Also, do not attempt to poke or cut your mole trying to accelerate the removal process. It will bleed a lot and you could get a serious infection that would definitely leave a scar as well as a dent in your wallet after the trip to a doctor or hospital. Picking moles doesn’t help them go away; they just get irritated and may even grow larger.

Practicing common sense and following these natural suggestions for self mole-removal may just work successfully. As specified, if one formula doesn’t do the trick, try another. Chances are you’ve had the mole for quite a while; getting rid of it won’t take that long. Patience with the procedure and the healing time should bring you your desired results.

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